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Premium VPS

Install nearly all Linux, BSD and Windows Server 2022 Datacenter, no fee install, no fee re-install.

Packages P-VPS-1 P-VPS-2 P-VPS-3 P-VPS-4 P-VPS-5 P-VPS-6
CPU 1 core 2 cores 3 cores 4 cores 5 cores 6 cores
RAM 3 GB 7 GB 11 GB 15 GB 19 GB 23 GB
SSD 30 GB 70 GB 110 GB 150 GB 190 GB 230 GB
Bandwidth 2 TB 4 TB 6 TB 8 TB 10 TB 12 TB
IPv4 1 1 1 1 1 1
Uptime Guarantee 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
Germany Location No-fee No-fee No-fee No-fee No-fee No-fee
Vietnam Location + $2 + $2 + $2 + $2 + $2 + $2
Monthly payment $19 $36 $53 $70 $87 $104
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SSH root (Linux) or Remote Desktop (Windows Server)

24/24 Remote Control - Start, Stop, Restart VPS anytime

Technical Support 24/7 by Ticket, Livechat

KVM over IP via VNC Access

Firewall & DDOS Protection

Free initial security hardening service, optimize system, fix configure, errors.

IPv6 Supported

Get free 2 months for Annually Payment

Operating System

Preinstall Debian 11/12, AlmaLinux 8/ 9, Ubuntu 22.04.
Free Windows Server 2022 Datacenter for all packages.
Install other OS, please contact to us before order.

Control Panel

You can choose a preinstalling BlueOnyx (for RHEL), HestiaCP (for Debian) or CyberPanel (Openlitespeed) FREE !


Germany (no-fee) or Vietnam (+ $2/month) location server.


Addition IP address: $3/month/IP (max up to 2, Gemany location server only).
Need a custom VPS package ? Please tell us your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose between a VPS and a web hosting plan?

With a web hosting plan, you are provided with a storage space that has pre-installed. You can manage your websites, but you are not the administrator of the service. You can only use it for managing your projects.

Using a VPS is the next logical step up from using a web hosting plan. VPS offer a wider range of options, and more flexibility in terms of configuration, access and features (root access, Apache PHP.init). You can also install an SSL certificate and any other software you want.

What is the difference between a VPS and dedicated server?

A VPS is an emulation of a computer, also known as a virtual private server, that lives within a parent server and shares resources with other virtual servers. A dedicated server is a stand-alone, physical server that does not share resources.

The advantage of a VPS is that you don’t have to worry about hardware management ------ like monitoring the status of hard disks, RAM, and CPU. They are adapted to host most types of web projects that are moderately sized.

Who are VPS solutions designed for?

Using a VPS requires basic knowledge of server administration. This knowledge is essential for managing the operating system (Linux, Windows, PrestaShop or WordPress) installed on the machine, and configuring the applications.